SW17 wooden window (3-glazing)

Product code: SW17

Standard Configuration

Passive housePassive house

Additional Options

Sound insulation glassesSound insulation glasses
Sun protectionSun protection
PAS24 solutionPAS24 solution

Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation.

Aluminium Cladding Optional external alu cladding
Glazing 48 mm 3-glazing, two LowE glasses, argon filled
Frame Thickness 44 mm
Frame Depth Variable: 92...120 mm (94 - 122 mm with alucladding)
Sound Insulation Rw = 34 dB (-1;-5) - standard glazing
Material of Sash and Frame Glue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3
Number of sash gaskets 2 sash gaskets
Color of sash gaskets White, grey, brown
Thermal transmittance Uw = 0,75 W/m²K; (1,23 x 1,48 m opening standard window)
Hardware ASSA or ROTO hinges; Ipa, Fix või Mila espagnolette; Fix or Hoppe handle
Security PAS24 solution option
Air tightness Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness Class E1500 (1500 Pa)
Resistance to wind load Class 5C (2000 Pa)

Side hung: 
Sash: W 362-902 mm x H 452-1532 mm

Side hung with concealed hinges: 
Sash: W 362-902 mm x H 452-1532 mm

Sash: W 385-1498 mm x H 432-1532 mm

Top swing: 
Sash: W 385-1498 mm x H 432-1532 mm

Side hung with concealed hinges
Side hung
top swing
Multi light (with transoms and mullions
Multi light (with transoms and mullions
Fixed light
Fixed light

Material of frame and sash

Glue-lam pine, Nordic timber quality class A1-A3


Teknos Aquatop

varvikaart 300px

RAL; NCS and translusent systems:



Glass options

(Click on the image below to see larger images)

glazing options 1

Glazing bar options on the glass

(Click on the icon to see larger image)

01 00 01 150px 01-SWS-01-150px.jpg 01-00-03-150px.jpg 01-SWS-03-150px.jpg 
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-00-01
outside Norwegian,
inside Norwegian
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-SWS-01
outside Norwegian,
inside Norwegian + SWS
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-00-03
outside Norwegian,
inside Swedish
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-SWS-03
outside Norwegian,
inside Swedish + SWS
01-00-02-150px.jpg 01-SWS-02-150px.jpg 03 00 03 150px 03-SWS-03-150px.jpg
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-00-02 
outside Norwegian,
inside English
Glazing bars (26 mm) 01-SWS-02 
outside Norwegian,
inside English + SWS
Glazing bars (26 mm) 03-00-03 
outside Swedish,
inside Swedish

Glazing bars (26 mm) 03-SWS-03 
outside Swedish,
inside Swedish +SWS

03 00 02 150px  03-SWS-02-150px.jpg 05-00-05-150px.jpg 04-00-00-150px.jpg  
Glazing bars (26 mm) 03-00-02 
outside Swedish,
inside English
Glazing bars (26 mm) 03-SWS-02 
outside Swedish,
inside English + SWS
Glazing bars (16 mm) 05-00-05 
outside and inside
16mm bar
 Removable glazing
bar outside (25 mm)

Selection of handles

Selection of handles for outward opening windows (Click on the icon to see larger image):

fix 83 200px HOPPE 0531VK U76 Atlanta F9005 must 200px Hoppe 0710LVK U71Z F9 titaan 200px Hoppe 0710LVK U71Z 200px
Fix 83 Hoppe 0531VK-U76 Atlanta F9005 black Hoppe 0710LVK-U71Z F9 titan Hoppe 0710LVK-U71Z
 Hoppe London 013VK U14K F1 200px  Tyresoe matt nikkel 200px Winga 7343 mattkroom 200px   Bjoerko kroom 200px
Hoppe London 013VK-U14K F1  Tyresö matte nickel Vinga 7343 matte chromium Björko chromium
Hoppe 0710VKS U14Z lukustatav F1 200px Hoppe 0710EVKS 6 200px Hoppe F3 lukustatav 0710EVKS6 kuldne 200px  Titon 200px
Hoppe 0710VKS-U14Z locking F1 Hoppe 0710EVKS-6 Hoppe F3 locking 0710EVKS6 golden Titon
Mila Prolinea must 200px Mila Prolinea matt kroom 200px Mila Prolinea laeikiv kroom 200px Mila Prolinea smokey kroom 200px
Mila Prolinea black Mila Prolinea matte chromium Mila Prolinea chromium Mila Prolinea smokey chromium
Mila ProStyle must 200px Mila ProStyle matt kroom 200px Mila ProStyle laeikiv kroom 200px Monkey Tail antique black 200px
Mila ProStyle black Mila ProStyle matte chromium Mila ProStyle chromium

Monkey Tail antique (black)

s6rmsulus 001 200px s6rmsulus 002 200px  s6rmsulus 003 200px  s6rmsulus tilk 200px 
Finger locks - brass Finger locks - chromium Finger locks - silver Finger locks - drop shaped
Tilgakujuline s6rmsulus must 200px  storm hook 200px  
Finger locks - drop shaped, black Hook (sash keep)  

Window boards

Fiber boards:      
Aknalaud A1.0 valge150px
Aknalaud A1.1 valgeH135px
Aknalaud A2.0 valge150px
Aknalaud A2.1 valgeH135px
A 1.0 A 1.1 A 2.0 A 2.1
Aknalaud A3.0 valgeH135px
Aknalaud A3.1 valge150px Aknalaud A4.0 valge150px
Aknalaud A4.1 valge150px
A 3.0 A 3.1 A 4.0 A 4.1
Wooden boards:      
Aknalaud A1.0 150px Aknalaud A1.1 150px Aknalaud A2.0 150px Aknalaud A2.1 150px
A 1.0 A 1.1 A 2.0 A 2.1
Aknalaud A3.0 150px Aknalaud A3.1 150px Aknalaud A4.0 150px Aknalaud A4.1 150px
A 3.0 A 3.1 A 4.0 A 4.1


Fly screens

Standard fly screen material is dark fiberglass mesh:

default flyscreen 250px

Standard fly screen

Illustrations below introduce different types of fly screens applicable for SW17 window and also alternative material solutions for the screens:


SW17 fly screen types:

003 Puit putukavork hingedel 200px 004 Puit putukavork klipsidel 200px 006 FISKOSTAR PUTUKARULOO kinni 200px 008 GREENETEQ PUTUKARULOO kinni 200px
Wooden screen on hinges Woodwn sreen on clips Fiskostar blindfold GreenteQ blindfold

NB! For outward opening windows fly screens are fixed on the internal side - thus there must remain sufficient space for the screen frames or blindfold guide rails. Please discuss with the sales representative any further, more detailed quiestions!


Click on the picture below to browse alternative fly screen materials:

flyscreens gallery 480px





SW17 window is a modern Nordic design for zero energy homes: outward opening window, with slim profiles ensures excellent energy effiecency and broad view. With 3-glazing and two sash gaskets U-value Uw = 0,75 Wm/²K is achieved.

SW17 window is available as timber window and also as aluclad window. Design comes with variable frame depth to meet better different wall constructions and installation situations. If more traditional internal desing is a criteria, one can choose so called country style profiles.


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